Sunday, November 30, 2008

Property insurance: Improving but not there yet

One year ago, property insurance topped FAR's list of real estate stories for the year, but things have improved - slightly.

Health insurance from BUPA

Like a new comers to the UK, we had the misconception that health care is totally free in the UK. It isn't. Sometimes you may find that you want to go to private specialists and the costs can be prohibitive.

Insurance update

Sorry, I need to keep making notes about getting the insurance coverage I've paid for, but I was denied medication coverage again by Humana on Sunday. I'll post something better shortly, but I want all my notes in one place.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Koc Is in Talks to Sell Insurance Units to Allianz

"Koc Is in Talks to Sell Insurance Units to Allianz (Update1) By Seda Sezer Dec.

Cheap Term Life Insurance - Lowering Those Rates May Be Easier ...

Term Life Insurance is insurance that covers you for a specific period of time only. As such, it is already one of the cheaper forms of Life Insurance. Here are a few ways to get even more value for money on your Term Life Insurance.

Two life insurance plans are better than one

by Chris Clare. If you are a couple and you are looking to arrange life insurance you should read this article before making any decision.

Wholesale Insurance

If you are looking for the best insurance policy to meet your needs, I would say Wholesale Insurance is the premier site for you consider looking at.